Warning: Unmanned drones are targeting your wine

When Cyberdyne Systems installed Skynet to control the U.S. national arsenal on August 4th 1997, the impact on wine making was not top of mind. Having spent 15 years figuring out how a machine might consume Margaux, Skynet has developed a program of ‘precision viticulture’ Precision viticulture  is the gathering of stupefying amounts of data […]

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The Truth behind the Robert Parker Wine Advocate deal

Robert ’98 out 100′ Parker Jr has decided to cash in some chips and sell a ‘substantial interest’ in the The Wine Advocate, a 40,000 subscriber newsletter about wine.

In a masterful move, Parker has managed to generate an estimated $6.5 trillion of press coverage today with a cunning strategy of saying barely nothing at all.

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David Mitchell is whining about wine

A couple of years back, WineOfTheWeek sat opposite David Mitchell in a Hampstead Coffee shop. I was nailing the Evening Standard crossword and he was on the phone clearly miffed about an article written in a national newspaper by an up and coming famous comedian.

Here he addresses the ‘would sir like to try the wine’ question.

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Zombie Wine: We’re coming to get you Barbara

Fear of the imminent Zombie apocalypse is gathering pace. When Amazon recently started selling zombie survival gear, WineOfTheWeek invested heavily in brain protection, duct tape and cut resistant gloves. A trip to Homebase to secure a pile of wooden planks and a bag of heavy duty nails will allow WineOfTheWeek to secure our dwellings once […]

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Digital Vino? Randall Grahm turns bytes into wine

Randall Grahm of Bonny Doon vineyard fame has been announced as the star attraction at this years ‘Digital Wine Communication Conference’. The conference is to be held in Turkey so promises to be a jolly nice junket. Why Turkey? Well, the theme of this years conference is “Source’ and there is apparently a hypothesis that […]

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Wine enthusiast orders £20,000 worth of wine from Twitter

Berry Bros. & Rudd have posted some impressive online numbers this week as they continue to reap the rewards of their investment in tech and the web. In 2011 the 300 year old fine wine retailer sold over £25m of wine online and, among the stat ladled press release Wineoftheweek just received, is this gem: During 2011, […]

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Oddbins returns but does it know what it’s doing?

One of the amusing aspects of wine blogging is the challenge of deconstructing PR puff.  Fancy a go? Let’s try this press release title: “Oddbins is back on a high street near you… Unique initiative allows Oddbins’customers to choose the price of wine…” Except, of course, Oddbins has never really been away and there’s nothing […]

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susie amy

DrinkOware: Fake Shardonnay from Austrlia. Hic.

When WineOfTheWeek lived in Camden Town, only desperation would lead me to buy wine from the local Costcutter. During the summer months a lack of air-conditioning would see bottles leaping off the shelves with sheer heat exhaustion – ‘Wine dies in Hot Shops’, So it comes as little surprise to learn that the aforementioned ‘supermarket’ […]

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Chewing gum found in ‘fake’ wine bottle

Counterfeit wine has become a real concern in the United Kingdom. In the most recent example, Trading Standards officers raided a shop in Liverpool and seized a stash of 50 bottles carrying the name of such well brands as Echo Falls, Blossom Hill, Kumala and Hardy’s. The plastic seal and poor condition of the labels […]

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china wine

6 litre bottle of 1961 Latour sells for £135,000

In these austere times London’s auction houses must be thanking their lucky tax havens for the new wave of Chinese buyers. The Chateau Latour 1961 was sold at Christies for £135,000. The latest absurdity to come from the land of the rising Renminbi is a purchase that represents more than five times the average UK […]

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