Is That a Pippette I See Before Me?

Introducing the “blend your own wine” kit. It’s called Fusebox and I want one now.

According to the makers “You’ll learn how to turn a good wine into a great one and gain an appreciation for why blending is the highest art form in winemaking.”

What you get is 6 bottles of blending wine, one mystery wine, some pippettes, a graduated cylinder, some wine evaluation cards, tasting placemats, recipe cards and of course a corkscrew.Basically you use the recipe cards to determine the percentage of each mix and you get down to some serious pippette action.

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The idea is to recreate some of the worlds famous cabernet blends but I can’t help thinking that the fun here will be to mix your own magic. Just like having your own chemistry set when you were young (what was the purple powder that bubbled in the test tube?).

The concept is bought to you by Crushpad the pioneering custom wine makers from California. Alas, it doesn’t look like they do overseas delivery.

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